I can’t handle the constant pain of just living, I need a break from life, I need life to stop, I need to sleep for a year, or two, and just not feel a single thing, and just not have people constantly being mad, insensitive, i just want to be somewhere, alone for a really long time alone, the thing is, I probably wouldn’t want to come back, mostly, nobody would realize I was gone, life wasn’t built for me and I am a coward to try and say it was or it was meant for me to be here, it wasn’t some people just weren’t meant. It just seems so lovely a place not here, it gets me excited to think that, tomorrow I could be somewhere so beautiful and indescribable and happy, its just a really happy thought, like when you think to something happy in the future, your heart beats fast you feel so happy, your adrenaline is there, and you feel so overwhelmed with happiness you can’t bare another moment until you are there, thats how it feels for me thinking of disappearing, I would rather hear about living, and watch people live then actually living myself, but its beautiful knowing this isn’t forever, and whenever I want too, it could be gone, it just is something that keeps me sane.

Lot's of love.