I miss you and I have to pretend that anything you do doesn't bother me one bit in which it does cause I still care for you. Give up? No, I won’t! I will keep on chasing you. I  know I’m not the girl of your dreams. But you're the guy in mine, and its too hard to forget you when you're in them all the time.You are all I live for. I know you won't be mine for a long time but I’m willing to wait. I know you would call and wake me up but I didn't mind I liked it, I love to hear your voice. I love your smile, your laugh, and your eyes. I love everything about you. You are like no one else, you are amazing. Whenever I was mad or sad you could say one word and it would all be okay. I love you and I hope someday you will love me too. I miss you. I miss the old version of you. I miss the old you that cared about me. I miss when we first contact on WhatsApp/ Facebook /Twitter where by you layan me all the time. I remember when we used to talk everyday, I miss that..
Lot's of love.