Why? Why am I jealous of every girl I see you look at? Why is it so easy for me to be hurt by you? Why do I lie to myself to keep you in my life? Why do I betray every moral I have ever had just to be in your presence? Why is being with you the only thing I seem to ever want, even though it kills me?
Why do I somehow seem to like it? Who? Who am I to be falling for you? Who are you to not fall for me? Who do you see when you're close to me? Who do you feel against your body? Whose smile do you see when you make me smile? Who is keeping you from loving me? When? When do you think about me? When will I have had enough? When will I stop waiting for you? When will I respect myself enough to stop the pain? When will you see I'm lying to you? When will you see I'm lying to myself? When will you realize I fall harder every second? When will my tears stop falling for you? Where? Where we you those nights? Where was I, for that matter? Where am I when I'm with you? Where is your heart? Where's my mind? Where will this path lead now? What? What is happening to my heart? What is the tearing feeling I feel when I think of you? What draws me to you? What makes you the only object of my desire? What keeps me from being yours? What do I do that pushes you away? What did I do to deserve this? How? How can I do this? How can I lie to you? How can I lie to myself? How can I say I don't love you? How can I keep myself from crying? How do I go through the day without you? How can I go on? How can I keep from falling?

Lot's of love.